To pen and paper….

I’ve heard so many times that nothing comes easy, you have to work for what you want, and you have to earn it…… True yes

I have a question though….. what about just letting go and what if it comes to you….

That’s a scary thought because that’s not what were teached by society. Why don’t we challenge all and everything that’s ever written? What about writing our own story? What about taking a stand for what we believe in and following our dreams no matter how much it cost, what about doing what makes us happy and taking that leap of faith no matter what others may feel, think or say. I believe that our bodies can heal itself and that our ability to create our own reality is not possible but inevitable and it’s ours right now…if we can just believe and persist in those believes. I believe that we are so close to breaktroughs and each and every one of us hold the key to being not only the best we can be but making history with brilliant ideas, concepts and challenging not only the reality of the norm but breaking free.

When I dream big I see me being just ME, being a motivational speaker, a life coach, somebody that makes a profound difference in so many people’s lives, sharing my story with people and inspiring people to be the best they can be. Writing a book, traveling the world….oh I can just imagine…It’s such an amazing feeling!!!

What is your dreams? What do you truly want for YOU? What makes you jump for joy just by the mere thought of an idea? Who is holding you back? What needs to change for you to be YOU to accomplish YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, and YOUR reality? It’s tough to ask these questions but isn’t that necessary for you to see your true potential, what you are capable of…

I want to share something I learned form an amazing person.


Why reason, why do we have to have a reason, meaning……why can’t we just BE? Why is there so much pressure on accomplishing things, achieving the ultimate, why can’t we just be? I learnt that to give your body space, time and respect is something not earned but necessary. Yes we need to have drive, goals and get things going to earn an income but where do we just breath, take a step back and listen to our inner self… who we truly are, to what is necessary for us to heal. We will get back on track, we will get into motion but we have to let things be for us to succeed. We will not only succeed but we will thrive in our own achievements and people will be our support and guidance but ultimately we are our own HERO, we have the answers inside of ourselves and we do things on our own terms. That’s the power we have, the power to believe in our own capabilities and that we can achieve anything and everything we set our minds to.

You are OK in EVERY way and just by believing in YOURSELF and doing what makes YOU happy, you are BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE!!!!!! STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!



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