Life begins with you.

I felt to write this not only for you but me included….


Relationships and possessions is something we yearn for or even something we feel we need, but ultimately it’s not who we are. So much of our efforts go into external factors outside ourselves as that is the normal flow of life, and it’s even expected of us.

But what if……

There’s more to life than external factors, what if happiness begins and ends with ourselves. That the essence of pure joy begins with taking care of ourselves and listening to our own intuition even if we still don’t know the concept of it all, to just start believing in ourselves .

What if others opinions is an opportunity for growth but not the be all and end all of our reality. What if where you are now is the most important factor to you rather than thinking where you can accommodate somebody else’s needs to fit into your space of reality and making your decisions on somebody else’s viewpoint.

The joy that comes with our own freedom of choice and taking chances that serves us and that makes us happy leaves us with a feeling of exhilaration but also with fear as society says that thinking of oneself first is not as its intended to be.

What if it’s the total opposite of what society makes it out to be….

You are the most important in your life, you are the first person and last person you wake up to and have daily conversations over the big and small of life. You know yourself better than any person on this earth and you know what you want and don’t want even if you deny yourself. Loving oneself and trusting what we feel is something that can be very difficult but if we work towards self-love and trusting in our own abilities… is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves and something that we deserve more than anything.

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