About Being The Best You

This blog is about being who you truly are, believing in your own power and looking beyond limitations and labels.

This is your time to look up, live life as an adventure, seeing every path as an opportunity and being happy with who you are.

You are a masterpiece and your dreams are ready for you….WITH YOU ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


I’ve been diagnosed (“ labelled ”)  with Bipolar Disorder and OCD to name a few. I believed,  that  was who I am and I took every limitation as the truth, believed the voices in my own head saying I’m not good enough and that my value as a person is of no importance. I saw the world being against me and that I have nothing to offer. I didn’t understand what the meaning of life was.

My viewpoint changed when I started seeing that life is beautiful and to be lived fully. That I am capable and worthy of achieving every dream I have and that anything is possible AND I BELEIVE THE SAME FOR YOU.

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